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Dr. Christian Gonzalez, Swell Score Co-Founder and Host of Heal Thy Self Podcast, gives an
overview of all the great wellness products included in this Swell Care Package.

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Care Package

You Get All of These Doctor-Curated Wellness Goodies!

It’s easy to assume that healthy products are, well, healthy. Unfortunately, that’s often a bad assumption to make.

Case in point: The Environmental Working Group detected unsafe levels of Roundup weed killer in eight different Quaker Oats products, including their instant oatmeal.**

When you get your Swell Care Package, you can be confident that the products you’re getting are genuinely healthy — and free of harmful chemicals and ingredients that are found in many mainstream “health” products.

We can offer you this assurance because every product we stock has been chosen and curated by our in-house doctors and tested and reviewed to verify ingredient purity and accuracy.

Here are the 14 items you’ll get inside your Swell Care Package…


Kasandrinos Olive Oil

Experience the full-bodied, rich flavor of Kasandrinos olive oil. 100% single-source USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Tested for high Polyphenols (good stuff), Sustainably sourced, EU Kosher Certified, Non-GMO, Paleo and PGI Certified. Use Kasandrinos olive oil in sauces, salad dressings, sautés, and drizzle over everything from grass-fed steaks to fresh strawberries. Includes one 250 ml bottle.

Zego_Double Protein Oats

ZEGO Double Protein Oats – Gluten-Free

Enjoy the delicious, robust flavor of gluten-free oats and their superior digestibility with the peace of mind that your oats are purity verified for over 400 pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. Fuel up with a quick and easy breakfast solution with double the protein. Includes one 18 oz. bag.

Zego Protein Powder

ZEGO Pure Plant Protein

This protein powder is made from the superfood Sacha Inchi seeds as a whole food, not isolate: Cold-Pressed to remove oils, lightly roasted, and ground giving you more nutrition, more gentle digestion, and a 30% higher absorption rate. Grown on “beyond organic” small family farms in the shade of the Amazon Rainforest, in ways that help to protect the native habitat. Purity verified for heavy metals, glyphosate, and other toxins frequently found in organic plant protein powders. Includes one 15 oz. bag.


Jade Gua Sha

The Jade Gua Sha Facial Tool has been used in beauty rituals for centuries. Use this tool over moisturizer, oil or cream to enhance results. The Gua Sha renews skin by increasing blood flow and flushing out lymphatic drainage for a healthier more radiant appearance.  As little as 5-minutes a day can give you beautiful a results!


Mushroom Powder or Capsules

All REAL MUSHROOMS products are 100% mushroom with no grains, mycelium or fillers, unlike so many other ‘mushroom’ products. Certified Kosher, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and USDA Certified Organic. Mushrooms deliver powerful health benefits in the form of beta glucans and other compounds. Includes two Real Mushrooms Supplements from these items: One full size pouch of Reishi or Lion’s Mane Powder, and one full size bottle of Chaga, D2Z or ERGO mushroom capsules.

PRIMA Trifecta

PRIMA CBD Trifecta

Stir, sip and feel better with Prima’s broad-spectrum hemp CBD and functional botanical beverage infusions. Your trial pack includes Instant Zen for balance and better mood,* Brain Fuel for increased clarity and focus,* and Rest Easy for a good night’s sleep.* Designed for optimal bioavailability and packaged in an easy-to-use, dissolvable powder. Mix with water, tea or your go-to drink for quick relief. Includes a total of 12 individual use packets.

Sound Sparkling Tea

Sound Sparkling Tea

This unique beverage provides crisp, refreshing sparkling water combined with unique tea and botanical blends. All flavors are Certified Organic and there are no sweeteners of any kind — no sugar, stevia, monkfruit, or any of those other ones we can’t pronounce. You will get one full-sized bottle or can of Sound Soda in one of the following flavors: Rose Tea with Lime & Cardamom, or Chamomile with Vanilla & Elderflower, or Green Tea with Grapefruit & Mint, or Yerba Mate with Citrus & Hibiscus.

HARTH Amber Night Light

HARTH Amber Night Light
(No Blue Light)

HARTH Amber lights protect you from blue light for better rest and for support of your Circadian Rhythm. Traditional lights are rich in blue wavelengths, which suppress melatonin – the sleep hormone. Your body responds to blue light by suppressing melatonin, and waking you up. Enjoy better sleep quality, better rest, better you! One Harth light included from the collection in the image above.

travel candles

Pure Plant Home Travel Candles

Relax and unwind with these VEGAN and clean burning Coconut wax candles scented with real essential oils. Conveniently packaged in travel tins. Includes one each of Italian Bergamot with Persian Lime and French Lavender. 1.5 oz tins.

lavender and chamomile bath bomb

LEVEL Naturals Epsom Salt
Bath Bomb

A gorgeous smelling Epsom Salt Bath Bomb with healing essential oils and plant extracts designed to help detoxify, relieve aches and pains, hydrate the skin, and keep your mood Zen. One Epsom Salt Bath Bomb with one of the following scents included: Lavender and Chamomile, Vanilla and Charcoal, Jasmine and Rose, or Lemon and Coconut.

LEVEL Naturals Organic Menthol + Eucalyptus Shower Bombs

What this little bomb lacks in size it makes up for in airway-clearing, spa-steaming, aromatherapy goodness. Menthol and eucalyptus help to open your sinuses and pamper your skin, surrounding you with a cooling and refreshing fog as you shower. Includes one box of four shower bombs.


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Care Package

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

** Roundup for Breakfast, Part 2: In New Tests, Weed Killer Found in All Kids’ Cereals Sampled