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Encha Ceremonial Matcha 30g

Encha’s Ceremonial Grade Pure Organic Matcha is harvested by farmers who selects the most tender, premium quality matcha green tea leaves, and grind them as the ceremonial matcha green tea powder. It has a purely green color and the smoothest and richest taste that can be considered for ceremonial use.

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  • Ceremonial Grade Matcha: This premium, 100% organic matcha tea powder is ground from the most tender matcha leaves, plucked each spring from their farm in the hills of Uji, Japan. All Encha matcha tea is USDA certified organic, consisting only of the finest quality organic tea leaves.
  • Rich and Complex Flavor: Encha’s matcha powder offers a perfectly balanced palate, both sweet and earthy, with a smooth, velvety consistency when whisked into water.
  • Boost Energy and Focus: Skip the coffee and allow our matcha green tea powder to provide a natural pick-me-up. Organic matcha is rich in antioxidants and offers clean and consistent energy and mental clarity without any crash.
  • How to Brew: To prepare a traditional matcha green tea, simply take 1 tsp Encha ceremonial matcha and whisk vigorously into 5 oz hot water at 160°F. Enjoy the balanced flavor and health benefits of organic green tea.
  • For Healthy Habits: The 60g size of Encha matcha lasts for 1 month if you drink 1 level tsp (2 grams) per day. Subscribe and save to make sure you’ve always got matcha green tea on hand.


Best matcha!

By Haley

Best matcha on the market! I studied in Japan for a year during college and fell in love with the culture. However, my most used takeaway and practice is drinking matcha everyday. This is the most authentic and high quality matcha that you can find! It is so yummy and has the prettiest green color. I recommend and gift this brand to all of my friends and family. Matcha truly plays such an important role in my daily routine and Encha matcha is the only brand I will ever buy.

Best matcha in a long time

By Grace

I have tried several brands of Matcha. This one blew my mind away, omg let me start with the color, vibrant and beautiful. Smells so fresh and earthy. Flavor is like being in a Japanese tea house in Japan. It is fresh and almost fruity no added flavors it is just hard to explain what happens with the first sip. I love the ceremonial grade but will try the latte on my next shipment. I am so happy i found you Encha. I wish i can share with you my first cup, it was so beautiful. It is the best Matcha ever and you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t drink it but thinking about gifting then you will be giving the best gift to that special person.


By Michael R.

My co-worker gave me your gift set and I was hooked….love the flavor the smell and the color I haven’t found a better tasting Matcha yet….