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THE NEXT GENERATION IN LIGHTING The Sleep Mode Night Light has a photocell engineered to sense light/ dark conditions and automatically comes on when the light in the room is turned off. No more manual switches or dials.




Stick Anywhere – Battery Powered – Motion Activated. Great Night Light for Babies Rooms, Hallways and More.


Love this little light only comes on when motion

I am a big fan of this product and all the none blue night lights . I have them everywhere in my house so at night we do not have to turn lights on and stop melatonin production so we get better sleep. All great quality!

Fantastic light

I have this light set up right outside my back door. It is perfect for when I need to go out onto the patio. Now I have a light at my back stairs! I love it.


Not only a yellow light (non-blue) the brightness, the design and the photo cell in the Slim night shift work incredibly well! Strategically placed I can see well and feel safer at night. The Sleep Mode motion light (battery powered) works well when you don’t have an handy outlet, plenty bright, doesn’t stay on too long, I use mine for stair cases and dark corners. Thanks for such a wonderful line of products!

Why Cut Out Blue Light?