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Vocal Transformation Online Course

Unlock the Power of Your Own Voice to Thrive, Heal & Manifest Your Best Life.

This innovative daily practice can have a powerful impact on your
life and has helped transform the lives of thousands.  Taught by World Renowned Vocal Transformation Coach Maryn Azoff.

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Discover How You Can Balance Your Chakra Centers

Learn the process of vocal toning, an ancient practice that balances each of your chakra energy centers resulting in Spiritual alignment for maximum personal power and authenticity.

This course will help you:

  • Heal your body.
  • Clear psychological traumas + blocks.
  • Raise your physiological frequency.
  • Reclaim the full range + power of your voice.
  • Build your confidence and ability to make decisions that are authentic with your personal values.

About your instructor:

Your guide, Maryn Azoff, has had the profound honor of teaching thousands of people to transform their health, careers, and relationships through her finely tuned program of vocal transformation.

Meet Maryn

Maryn Azoff is vocal transformation coach, spirit lifter, soul emancipator + fear crusher. She has been on a mission of connecting people with their vocal power for many years. She knows that when people sing together the true magic of music can happen. Her approach to singing + sharing is always from the heart, where we all meet in truth, wisdom + love. She creates a safe, judgement-free environment for you to find that connection for yourself.

Maryn is a singer + member of two bands. Tribe of Love + Cura Cura. She runs Vocal Transformation retreats + workshops all over the world. This work is connecting people to the power of their voice + unleashing the potential of the human voice in all of the areas we use it. This discovery is both physical + deeply spiritual. The benefits of an empowered voice are backed by science showing that our personal vibration has many physical, mental + emotional benefits. Understanding the healing power you posses is permanently life altering.

What Makes Vocal Transformation so Powerful?

Resonate Integrate Activate with Vocal Transformation

In this life-changing training program, Maryn will give you powerful tools and vocal techniques that will lead you to true transformation at the psychological, physiological and emotional levels. You will free up stagnant energy, release hidden blocks and gain access to the most vibrant version of yourself for a more joy-filled and successful life.

For just a few minutes every day… welcome great focus, energy, sleep and tap into the rhythm of LIFE!

SPECIAL OFFER –  BE A PART OF THE ONLINE CLASS and get Exclusive Live Sessions with Maryn!

When you register for the Vocal Transformation Course, you will get access to:

    • Individual Step-by-Step Recorded Training Sessions that will guide you through each step of Vocal Transformation process in great detail.
    • You will learn proper breath support
    • How sound and more specifically your voice impacts you physically and Spiritually
    • What sounds, words, and physical movements to make to open and balance each of the chakra centers
    • Extra tips and techniques for success and to get even more out of your practice

Following along, you will quickly be able to apply and practice the vocal transformation concepts and techniques to help you remove blocks from past traumas. As you practice, you will rebalance your chakras and reopen your connection with your own higher-self (Spirit) so that you naturally create your best life!

Also Includes Full-Length Practice Audio Tracks so you can relax into the practice easily staying on track and getting it right every time.

Premiere Vocal transformation Program Only BONUS ($2000 value): Group Support Sessions with Maryn where you will be able to participate in LIVE sessions to ask your own questions and listen in on other people’s as well, to make sure you get the absolute most out of your practice… and generate the amazing results that will follow. If you miss out on a session, don’t worry, you will get access to the recordings.


– Sign up for the Online Class and Get
Exclusive Live Sessions with Maryn!

Regular price is $797
BONUS group support sessions with Maryn ($2000 value)
Total value: $2797

“Maryn’s vocal transformation work is essential in the world. For me, the benefits that have come from doing these practices were far beyond the physical benefits. There was an improvement in my overall expansion, authenticity, and feeling of safety in my body. Maryn is the embodiment of her work. When you are with her or learning from her, you can feel not only the peace in her nervous system but the fire behind her mission.

I recommend this to anyone and everyone, all the time.”

Dr. Christian Gonzalez

Host of the Heal Thy Self Podcast (over 2 million downloads)