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Zego – Organic Pure Plant Protein

Sacha Inchi protein. Sacha Inchi is a whole food product that is simply roasted, cold pressed, and ground seeds. It is not an isolate like other plant protein powders, which are processed with chemicals or enzymes.  Whole food protein is easier to digest. And, you digest more of it, up to 30% more than the other isolated proteins. Isolated proteins pass through your system too quickly for you to digest them completely.




ZEGO products are made in facilities FREE FROM gluten & top allergens (no peanuts, no tree nuts, no soy, no dairy, no egg, no wheat, no fish/shellfish, no lupin, no sesame, no mustard, no sulfites).  Additionally, corn is typically not present in our facilities or on our equipment. Our packaging is also free of corn by-products and corn dusting powder.

INGREDIENTS: 100% organic sacha inchi seeds, nothing else!


Audrey S.

Verified Buyer

Love this protein

Great in smoothies! No gross aftertaste. Very little taste at all. My lunch protein smoothie consists of spinach, kale, banana, peanut butter and Pure Plant Protein and it’s just what I need to avoid that after lunch coma!

Miguel Z.

Verified Buyer

The whole family loves it!

The whole family loves it! Tastes great, the texture is on point and they’re super easy to make. Would totally recommend to anyone and all.

Carrie G.

Verified Buyer

Love this nutty flavor!

Clean, smooth mixable powder! Excellent option for protein and nutrition.
Review by Liza f. on 17 Jul 2021
I like the oats and the bars. I was referred by my chiropractor. I like that the items are tested for purity, very important to my health. Thank you!

In 2013, our owner Colleen Kavanagh was struggling to balance her kids’ collective ten dietary restrictions with a desire for delicious, nourishing foods.

The stores were full of processed cookies and crisps that didn’t offer any testing to assure their safety and lacked the nutrients to support her family’s whole health.

Needless to say, she was fed up! Colleen decided to start a company that made superfood-based products that met her needs for convenience, nutrition, and taste. And, she added testing and quality standards for agricultural pesticides and toxins so that our products support the long-term health of our family and planet.


We make deliciously clean food for everyone!

All-day, every day, we work to create delightful products that are free of ingredients like common allergens and food dyes that can trigger adverse health reactions and test them for agricultural toxins that can harm long-term health.

We empower you!

At ZEGO, we believe our customers have the power to change the food industry for the better. By giving you a platform and projecting your voice, we aim to change the culture of the food industry —  establishing your right to know what’s in your food — so it better supports you, your community, and our planet.


We don’t just talk the talk. We really do our best.

  • Our manufacturing facility is free of the top 12 allergens and gluten-free. Learn more
  • Our oats are Purity Protocol, with strict safety standards from seed selection to harvest to processing to ensure the highest level of GF safety. Learn more
  • We test our products for chemicals and allergens and make results available to consumers. Learn more
  • We are a certified B Corporation. This means that in addition to protecting our consumers, we fight for the rights of our employees, the environment, and financially support our community