Pure Plant Home - Coconut Wax Essential Oil Candle in Apothecary Jar 7 oz

Pure Plant Home - Coconut Wax Essential Oil Candle in Apothecary Jar 7 oz


Scent: Italian Bergamot + Persian Lime

Italian Bergamot + Persian Lime
Lavender + Orange Blossom
Lemon Verbena
Myrrh + Frankincense
Valencia Orange + Grapefruit
Wildcrafted French Lavender
Ylang Ylang Jasmine + Vanilla
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Unbleached cotton wick in vegan, sustainable coconut wax with real essential oil aromas is clean burning. No petrochemicals or synthetic fragrance.

Our exclusive coconut wax blend and essential oils of Italian Bergamot & Persian Lime. Bergamot creates a happy feeling.Lime enhances clarity. For positive energy in your environment and stress relief.

A perfect gift, incredibly fresh, beautiful and healthy!


Myrrh + Frankincense

Aromatherapy wellness coconut wax candle with real essential oil aromas Frankincense & Myrrh for holistic healing. Frankincense & Myrrh is an ancient spiritual aroma blend used in ancient temples.

Why Coconut Wax

Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts that are sustainably harvested from the Coconut Palm tree (Cocos Nucifera). Coconuts are a renewable resource and sustainable since no tree is cut down in order to pick the coconuts. The coconut palm tree is known as a "three generation" tree which means it can support a farmer, her children and their grandchildren. One tree lives and bears fruit for up to 60 years. They are not sprayed with pesticides and most of the farms say they are fair trade.

Coconut oil is a wonderful carrier for our essential oil aromas as it has a lower melt point which helps to keep the therapeutic benefits and phytoactive values alive in the most holistic way.