Save 10% on Active Skin Repair Burn Hydrogel


Save 10% Active Skin Repair Burn Hydrogel

Summer is here. And with COVID restrictions lifting and travel happening at an increased rate, it’s burn season. What does that mean? Sunburns from being outside enjoying the beautiful weather more often. Burns acquired by stunning your family with your incredible barbecue skills. Turf burns from playing sports. Everything just seems hotter in the summertime. So, having a couple of staples in your medicine cabinet will help keep the inflammation – and stress surrounding any painful injuries – way down.

Active Skin Repair Burn Hydrogel is an FSA and HSA approved medical-grade cure-all for healing most burns. One of its active ingredients is electrolyzed water. This disinfectant alternative is made from salt, vinegar, and water with an all-natural, industrial-grade technology, formerly only available for use in factories and hospitals. This process changes the chemical composition of the solution, producing two new ingredients. One of which is hypochlorous acid, the same germ-killing substance your immune system produces to fight off infection. This alone should be enough to entice you to try it, but there’s more. Other ingredients include:

  • Sodium chloride – As an active ingredient, sodium chloride – or salt – helps to alleviate dehydration in the body. It is in this formula specifically because it is known to help heal burns as well.
  • Phosphates – The salt of phosphorus, this essential nutrient is not only a component of the cell membrane and ATP, which is the body’s key energy source. It also helps to filter waste out of the body, and helps to regulate DNA and RNA synthesis. It is involved in the structures and systems of bone and teeth, muscles, and nerves. It is known to help repair damaged tissue, which is where it comes in for this formulation.

Active Skin Repair Burn Hydrogel is for topical use only. Do not apply it to deep cuts or open wounds. Avoid the eyes and mouth and any skin with sensitivities that are otherwise not burn related.

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