Save 10% on Catalyte® Electrolytes – Lemon Lime


Save 10% on Thorne’s Catalyte® Electrolytes – Lemon Lime

75% of American adults are chronically dehydrated. This means that they do not have enough water coursing through their internal systems to keep their body functioning properly for its rate of growth and renewal. While you are constantly losing your water intake through, sweat, food waste, and tears, water droplets also escape while you breathe. So, it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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Thorne’s Catalyte Lemon-Lime Flavored Electrolytes combine electrolytes with vitamins and D-ribose for broad-spectrum repletion of nutrients and hydration of cells. Catalyte was formulated not only to help people to maintain regulated levels of electrolytes, but it can also be used in tandem with a rigorous exercise routine. Some of its core ingredients include:

  • Vitamin C – Provides anti-inflammatory support and battles free radicals. Vitamin C has shown long-term benefits of warding off chronic disease. Regular Vitamin C consumption can boost antioxidant levels in the blood by up to 30%, which aids the body in fighting inflammatory responses.
  • Potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc – These compounds replace the primary electrolytes lost in sweat, while also helping to repair and rebuild muscle.
  • D-Ribose – A natural monosaccharide that is essential in energy production. While it is found in cells, a boost of it can help to optimize the benefits of a workout. It also helps to repair any trace mitochondrial dysfunction.

Symptoms of dehydration include dry lips, mouth, and skin, blood pressure issues, and severe body temperature changes. Chills or hot flashes are often one of the first signs after thirst. While dehydration can be uncomfortable and pose some health threats, children and geriatric adults face the greatest risks when their bodies don’t receive the correct amount of water. Severe dehydration can lead to confusion, fatigue, and weakness. If not treated properly it could eventually lead to brain damage and even death, as the body loses function without lubrication.

To get your recommended hydration levels, mix 1 level scoop of Catalyte into 9 oz of water. If you are working out, an advanced routine may require a 9 oz serving before, during, and after your workout routine. Be sure to work with your natural hydration levels – and do what you can to absorb water in between workouts as well. 

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