Sumbody Let My Muscles Go Bath Salts


Sumbody Let My Muscles Go Bath Salts

With the lifting of mask policies and increase in outdoor and fitness opportunities, people are certainly getting in their groove again. And with that groove comes more physical movement, which can take a toll on your body whether you’re an everyday gym aficionado, casual disc golf athlete, or lifting boxes while helping your friend move. (Be honest, how many people have asked you to help them move recently?)

Lucky for us, Sumbody has created a product we can keep in our medicine cabinet for those days when our bodies feel a little overused. Whether you’re suffering from sore muscles, painful joints, or exhausted limbs, this ambrosial Epsom salt blend will help you get moving in the right direction… after a nice soak in the tub. With key ingredients of kava, skullcap, and Epsom salt, Sumbody boasts several organic, relaxing ingredients that can help you wind down after a long day, and perhaps even help increase your quality of sleep.

Ingredients in this bliss-inducing, 11.2 oz. remedy include:

  • Kava kava extract (piper methysticum) – Kava offers anti-inflammatory support and has an earthy scent.
  • Skullcap (scutellaria)A mild relaxant with antioxidant effects. Supports physical and emotional relaxation. Skullcap flowers smell sweet like apples.
  • Valerian root (valeriana officinalis) – Largely sold in dietary supplement formulas, valerian root is an herb used in products aimed to reduce nervous tension and help with insomnia and sleep-related issues.
  • Passion flower (passiflora) – Promoted for its anti-anxiety properties, passionflower is believed to reduce pain and has been used to topically treat burns.
  • Solar-evaporated Pacific sea salt – Helps to cleanse, balance oil production, and combat bacteria.
  • Epsom salt – High in magnesium, epsom salt promotes restful sleep, reduces inflammation, and supports muscle and nerve function.

Use Sumbody to feel better in your body and enjoy the relaxation of tight, sore muscles with an Epsom salt blend that is void of chemicals and unhealthy fragrances. Up level your bathing ritual with Sumbody’s Let My Muscles Go Bath Salts. (Or simply give yourself a reason to try out a soak for the first time in ages.) It’s on sale through the end of July, a fact that will be appreciated after your first try.

Trust us, you’ll want to subscribe so you always have some in your arsenal for some “me time” after a long day.


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