4 Steps to Healthier Skin through Science and Nature

  • By Trina Elkers
  • May 26
4 Steps to Healthier Skin through Science and Nature
  • Taking care of your skin is critical for a healthy and youthful appearance.
  • There is a four step process for achieving the skin vitality you’ve been craving.
  • Alitura’s new four-step facial regimen covers all your skincare hangups, and healed my skin.
  • Healthy skincare tips – plus a few fun discounts – so you can achieve a healthy, all-natural glow.

If looking and feeling healthy and youthful is a priority for you, you know taking care of your skin is critical.  Your skin is your largest organ and protects what lies within your body, plus it accounts for 15% of your body weight. Not only is it an accurate indicator of health (Is your skin dry, cracked, are there colors or growth to be concerned about?), but it renews itself every 28 days when it is properly taken care of. And nerves in your skin trigger reactions in certain parts of your body, like temperature change. Taking care of your skin is integral to a balanced and healthy ecosystem, and triggers positive responses in many areas of your body. What an act of self care, to make sure your skin is tended to!

The skin responds best to ingredients that come directly from the earth, rather than synthetic formulations or chemicals. While I have always been drawn to more natural skincare products and have successfully found more earth-friendly companies that provide better options, that hasn’t always been the standard. It really is just a recent development in the cosmetics industry to begin to provide truly clean standards, and the trend is trickling into the skincare industry at an even slower rate.

That’s actually the first thing that hooked me about Alitura skincare. Alitura’s mission is to provide the highest quality products that are non-GMO and chemical-free. I was recently introduced to the line by some friends and I have been singing its high praises since then. My skin had been damaged from trying out a lot of different products but not really developing a rhythm or regimen in some time, as I wasn’t 100% sold on any of the products by themselves, let alone as a set. But everything changed with the Alitura bundle. Here are four steps to healthier skin through the marriage of science and nature with Alitura.


Facial Cleansers are the first step towards truly healthy and balanced skin by effectively purging dirt, makeup and environmental pollution. Recent literature has pointed to its ability to be your first defense against phthalates (harsh chemicals found in everyday items like flooring, plastics, containers, tubing, Facial Cleansers are the first step towards truly healthy and balanced skin by effectively purging dirt, makeup and environmental pollution. Recent literature has pointed to its ability to be your first defense against phthalates (harsh chemicals found in everyday items like flooring, plastics, containers, tubing, toys, etc. that can very easily stick to your skin and get tracked through your home) along with a few other key hygienic routines, known for causing cancer and other debilitating disease.

The Alitura Pearl Cleanser can be used daily and is gentle enough for all skin types. As someone who has very sensitive skin – especially when exposed to hot water for more than five minutes at a time – I really do require products that provide a soothing effect to them both while I’m enjoying them, and long after.  The Pearl Cleanser was designed to calm irritation and remove excess dirt and oil while calcium promises fresh, radiant and soft as silk skin. The hyaluronic acid found in the ingredients provides an extra defense against free radicals, and honestly my skin feels safer when I use it. Plus, I can identify every ingredient on the label. Allowing myself to purchase products from transparent companies feels like I am beginning a healthy relationship, done with the bad boys of my past.

Something of note that I really think is an important factor in choosing a cleanser is that I want the application to be non-fuss. While I would prefer that skincare be a luxurious experience, it doesn’t happen often. So when it does, I have to make sure people know. There is a texture to the formula and a promise in the micro-exfoliating pearl powder that makes this feel like a product meant for noblemen. I found that with continued use of the cleanser – even when I missed a product or two here or there – the color of my skin brightened. The application process and results make you feel like you’re participating in a slow-release mini-facial, which sounds like a vacation if you ask me.

The finishing touch – and something I will wax poetic all day about – is a subtle aroma of Organic Australian Sandalwood, Wildcrafted Palo Santo, Organic Ylang Ylang and Wildcrafted Violet. When people take time to assess the aromatherapy aspect of a product and how all-natural ingredients come together to provide an ambiance, using a product becomes an experience. I am floored by the care Alitura has taken with these products to ensure that layering them doesn’t feel like a fractured, ill-thought-out experience. Instead, leaves you wanting more.


Until the last year or so, I was under the impression that a well-rounded skincare routine involved a multi-functional cleanser, SPF moisturizer, and a hydration spray here and there. But as my skin has become more sensitive to weather conditions, strange allergic reactions and other environmental factors, I have begun to understand the importance of hydrating serum for your nuanced facial skin. While I have tried several options over the months, Alitura has a formula tied for first in my arsenal, and it is the perfect bonus to their skincare system.

Within two weeks of using the Alitura Gold Serum, I saw a marked improvement in the elasticity of my skin, especially on my decolletage area. And while I’m lucky enough to not struggle with too much microtexture, dark circles, or acne on my face, I do struggle with blemish issues and I haven’t seen even my regular hormonal friends come back to play for a while. And while we often discount the importance of rejuvenation since clean formulas are created for health benefits overall, it can play a very pinnacle role in self confidence and energy.

Just ask me. Vitanol is the plant-derived retinol that I have to thank for the improved texture of my skin, while the firmness achieved already indicates a positive reaction from the Copper Tripeptide-1, which tightens skin and improves hyperpigmentation. Additional ingredients help to maintain skin’s balance in cooperation with the other products in the line, and to reduce oxidative damage from every day wear-and-tear. (It turns out you can even get skin damage from staying inside all day, every day. Who knew?)


I never leave home without a moisturizer. Not only does it help to keep my facial skin hydrated, but it also provides an extra layer of protection against free radicals. But simple things like the consistency of moisturizer, ease of application, and the way my skin reacts to the formula make this a difficult product to really get right in my routine. While products like cleanser may seem less important because of their limited time on your face – though, in all seriousness, they are just as important – moisturizer stays with you, if you’re lucky, until you wash it off. You need to find something that works for you, and feels fresh after hours of wear. Alitura’s restorative and revitalizing daily moisturizer is, randomly enough, the most refreshing moisturizer product I’ve used. It’s lightweight without feeling like you’re just applying water, and packed with nutrient-rich superfood extracts.

While products that advertise healing properties don’t always make me jump for joy – because, let’s be real, no one’s skin will react the same to any variety of products, especially if it’s chemical-based – I was so impressed when I saw that Alitura uses organically managed Hawaiian bees as its honey source for the base. Antibacterial, antifungal, and a phenomenal source of antioxidants, organic honey is like nature’s cure-all, as it can boost your digestive and immune systems and cure a sore throat. And for skin alone? Honey has been used in the treatment of skin cancer and physical wounds, reversal of fine lines and blemishes, and as an all-around moisturizing element in many DIY concoctions. Add sea buckthorn and german blue chamomile for the most relaxing (non-CBD) experience I’ve had for a long while, and a cooling, balancing adventure for your skin.


I have sworn by the cold, smooth surface of a jade roller for years now. Not only does the cool surface work to de-puff your skin, but the circular movements help to promote cell turnover, as movement of any skin does over a prolonged period of time. (Think of it as a massage for your face and lymph nodes.) Plus giving your skin that extra attention and intention is a form of self care and adoration you deserve to give yourself. It’s an empowering act in itself, to take time to properly massage the skin on your face to enhance cell turnover.

But never before have I felt so cared for than when this gorgeous black Titanium Derma Roller came into my life. It’s like discovering less-intrusive acupuncture for your facial skin. The head is made up of tiny needles (microneedles) that gently puncture your skin as you roll it over your face. Microneedles – originally developed to enhance the elasticity and appearance of your skin – help to speed up cell rejuvenation at an even more intense level, so I would definitely compare it to a travel facial. Using it directly after applying your skincare will help to drive product into your cells for better absorption.

Now you can try my new favorite products from Alitura for the perfect beauty routine. Cleanse, rejuvenate, and protect your skin with two different discount offers. Members can get the entire 4 product bundle for just $125.60, a steep 20% off the regular price. Non-members can also save 10% off any of the individual products listed with promo code ALITURA10. Save 15% when you purchase all the products in this bundle, with the promo code ALITURAB. This exclusive offer is only valid until March 31, 2021.

Because I am such a fan of skincare products as part of a holistic integrated ritual, there are some things I do in addition to product use to take care of my dermis. I am a big proponent for dry brushing where you can’t use a roller on your body to slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores to promote new skin growth, as well as to promote lymph drainage. I make sure to moisturize my skin while it is still a little damp as often as I can, so my skin can better absorb the nutrients in my products. I am also mindful of how often I shower, making sure to limit my time in hot water especially in the winter months so that I can keep some of the natural oils on my skin for sustained hydration.

It is never too soon to start caring for your skin to help fight aging now and later. Upgrade your skincare regimen today and give your skin the nutrition and healing support it needs to look and feel its best.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.