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Hydrogen water is regular water (H2O) that we infuse with extra hydrogen molecules (H2). This might sound simple, but adding these tiny atoms of hydrogen can have a HUGE impact on your health and wellness.

But why add hydrogen? Research shows that hydrogen, being the smallest and lightest molecule, can easily penetrate into cells, offering unique health benefits that regular water can’t. It can help reduce oxidative stress (a big factor in aging and disease), boost energy, and even enhance athletic performance.


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But Where Does the Hydrogen Come From?

Let's Get Electric! ⚡️💧

Curious about how that extra hydrogen gets into Echo Hydrogen Water? The technology is actually very cool!

Picture this: water (H2O) is zapped with an extremely precise electrical current. This isn’t magic; it’s science! The electricity breaks the atomic bond and splits the water molecules into their basic elements – hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gas (H2) produced is what we infuse back into the water.

This process isn’t just fascinating; it’s a game changer. It ensures that the hydrogen in our water is pure and ready to work its wonders in your body. And the best part? It’s environmentally friendly and sustainable. We’re not adding anything unnatural – just giving water an extra boost of its own element!

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From Red Carpet To Medical Experts


Gary Brecka

Human Biologist & Bio Hacker

Zac Efron


Laila Ali

Boxer/Health Influencer

Linda Cohn


Dr. Fab Mancini

Fox News, The Doctors

Alfonso Ribeiro


Leigh Erin Connealy, MD

The Cancer Revolution

Daniel Pompa, DC

Health Centers of the Future

Hydrogen Water

The Echo breakthrough hydration technology delivers powerful antioxidants that optimize cellular health,
improve focus, and increase longevity. Say goodbye to ordinary water and embrace a healthier lifestyle
with our hydrogen-enriched water.

Boost Your Immunity

70% to 80% of the immune system is housed in your gut. Stress, poor diet, and pesticides weaken your gut to nearly 20% functionality. The electrical potential in Echo H2 Water™ repairs and restores the gut and improves food intolerances.

Live Better, Longer

By neutralizing harmful free radicals and oxidative stress, which is the leading cause of disease, hydrogen water has been proven to help regulate heart disease, diabetes, reduce wrinkles and skin issues, and speed up wound healing.


Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Increase Your Energy

Adequate hydrogen supply is essential for optimal energy production in the body, which can help improve energy levels and combat fatigue.

Stimulate Your Brain

As a selective antioxidant, hydrogen water has been proven to improve mental clarity, prevent cognitive illness, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, boost mental focus and clarity, and help with mental illnesses.

Jenny Thompson
Project Manager

I was burnt out, feeling like I was merely surviving each day rather than truly living it. Then, a fellow mom at my kids’ daycare recommended Echo Hydrogen Water. Initially, I was unsure, but I was willing to try anything that promised better health. To my amazement, since incorporating Echo Hydrogen Water into my daily routine, my energy levels have surged, and I've been staying healthy, even in flu season! It feels like a cloud has been lifted, and I’m finally able to enjoy my busy life and cherish moments with my kids. A heartfelt thanks to Echo for being my daily dose of vitality and resilience!

Toby Carter
Health Coach

I was initially skeptical, but a fellow health coach who had experienced similar challenges couldn’t stop talking about the benefits of Echo Hydrogen Water. Intrigued, I decided to give it a shot, and it's been nothing short of transformative! Since incorporating Echo Hydrogen Water into my routine, I’ve experienced a noticeable boost in my focus and energy levels throughout the day. Gone are the days of afternoon slumps and struggling to stay alert during client sessions. I feel revitalized, more connected with my clients, and I’m able to enjoy my evenings feeling energetic. Thank you, Echo, for being a game-changer in my health and helping me be the best health coach I can be!

Angela Washington
Physicians Assistant

I was searching for something that would support my body’s natural defenses and help me maintain my energy throughout long and often stressful days. When I came across Echo Hydrogen Water, I was intrigued by the scientific backing and the array of health benefits it claimed. Since I started drinking Echo Hydrogen Water, the difference has been remarkable! I’ve experienced a significant boost in my energy, my mental clarity has improved, and I feel more resilient in the face of daily stressors. It’s made a notable difference not just in my professional life, but in my personal life too. I can now give my best to my patients and still have energy left to enjoy my time off. I’m so grateful for discovering Echo Hydrogen Water – it truly has enhanced my life!

Alex Johnson

Running has been my passion since high school, but each year it became more challenging. Then, I discovered Echo Hydrogen Water—it’s been a game-changer! I feel like I've turned back the clock by 30 years! Now, at 60, I’m running more frequently and covering longer distances than I have in a long time. The increased energy and quicker recovery times are simply amazing. If you’re an athlete seeking that extra edge, I wholeheartedly recommend Echo Hydrogen Water!




MORE Hydrogen

The Echo hydrogen infusing system infuses more hydrogen molecules per tablespoon than any other brand on the market, so you get the most from every sip!


Hydrogen Purity

Echo Hydrogen Water is the only hydrogen water technology in the world that does not change the pH of the water during it’s active process.


Consistent Results

Most Hydrogen Water machines reduce their ability to infuse hydrogen in water over time. Not Echo H20! Our Hydrogen Water Machines infuse the same amount of hydrogen on the first sip as the 10,000,000 sip.


BEST Industry Warranty

Each Echo Hydrogen water bottle comes with a 5-year warranty, the best available for hydrogen water machines!

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Use promo code GO10 at checkout for 10% off!