Benefits of Biotonic Adaptogenic Tonic

  • By Meredith Schneider
  • May 26
Benefits of Biotonic Adaptogenic Tonic

Benefits of Biotonic Adaptogenic Tonic

Looking for a simple supplement that provides nutritional support for the liver, adrenals, and gastrointestinal tract? Sometimes, probiotics just aren’t enough. Biotonic™ Adaptogenic Tonic targets digestion and helps aid in detoxifying the body. It contains organically grown traditional Chinese tonic herbs specifically formulated to interact with Biocidin for positive health benefits. These herbs are also optimized to restore and revitalize our Qi, or vital energy. This organic, lab-tested formulation contains potent adaptogens that support the HPA axis and reduce fatigue.

Some of the core ingredients of the Biotonic™ Adaptogenic Tonic formula include:

  • Herbal Blend Astragalus Root is a strong antioxidant used to combat free radicals and the oxidative stress they leave behind. They have been shown to provide protection against intestine, liver, lung, kidney, heart, and brain injury.
  • Turmeric root is used as a dietary anti-inflammatory. It has been shown to help reduce the symptoms and spread of arthritis, respiratory infections, allergies, depression, digestive disorders, and more.
  • Herba Artemesia Apiaceae (wormwood) is an anti-inflammatory often taken to help calm stomach pain, common cold symptoms, anxiety, and muscle weakness. and is “one of the most widely used herb[s] for the treatment of malaria, jaundice and dyspeptic complaint in oriental medicine.”

The blend has been optimized with tangerine peel, cane alcohol, and glycerin for better taste during consumption. For optimal benefits with the supplementation of Biotonic™ Adaptogenic Tonic, consider consuming ten drops, 2 times per day. Enjoying them alongside a hot cup of caffeinated tea in the morning and decaffeinated at night could help to keep your circadian rhythm in balance. As with most tinctures and oils, be sure to read the ingredient label and identify the symptoms that may interact with other rituals and dietary supplements.



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