Everything You Need to Know About Active-B Complex

  • By Hayley Folk
  • May 26
Everything You Need to Know About Active-B Complex
  • We know that information on vitamins and supplements can be confusing — that’s why we’re telling you everything you need to know about the Active-B complex.
  • In this article. we break down what it is, who it’s for and why it’s beneficial.

As human beings, our bodies require various vitamins and minerals to function properly. If we want to get the most out of our one, unique life, we must make sure to have the needed level of vitamins in our system.

Our bodies can naturally create some vitamins such as vitamin D or vitamin K. But with many others, such as Active-B complex, we have to get it from another source.

We know that the information around vitamins and supplements can be confusing — it’s why we want to tell you everything you need to know about the Active-B complex.

What is Active-B Complex?

active-b complex supplements

Did you know that there are eight different types of B vitamins? These vitamins play a large role in a healthy body by directly impacting energy levels, cell metabolism, as well as brain function. An Active-B complex is a supplement that contains all eight of the B vitamins in one easy-to-take capsule.

Taking an Active-B complex helps our bodies fight off infection and supports cell growth. The one supplement contains the following eight vitamins:

  • B1 (thiamine): This vitamin plays an essential role in converting nutrients into energy while assisting our metabolism.
  • B2 (riboflavin): B2 helps convert food into our energy.
  • B3 (niacin): Vitamin B3 assists in our metabolism, cellular signaling and DNA production and repair.
  • B5 (pantothenic acid): This vitamin also helps the body convert food into energy. It’s also involved in our hormone and cholesterol production.
  • B6 (pyridoxine): B6 is involved in our red blood cell production, neurotransmitters and amino acid metabolism.
  • B7 (biotin): You may have heard of biotin before. It is essential in regulating gene expression and assisting our metabolism.
  • B9 (folate): Folate, also called B9, is needed for amino acid metabolism, the formation of red and white blood cells, and cell growth.
  • B12 (cobalamin): B12 is essential for neurological function, red blood cell development and DNA production.

Rather than taking each of these individually, the Active-B complex is meant to make it much more convenient. Take one pill, cover all of your bases in regards to B vitamins.

Who needs to take Active-B complex?

elderly and active-b complex You might be wondering: who should take the Active-B complex? While most people get their needed intake of vitamin B from their diets alone — such as in salmon, chickpeas, avocado, meats, eggs, poultry, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, lentils leafy greens and more — some people have certain conditions, age ranges, lifestyles or situations that increase the need for the vitamin. That’s where the Active-B complex comes into play.

  • For example, pregnant women are in particular demand for B vitamins such as B12 and folate, in order to grow their child.
  • Sometimes, commonly prescribed medications can lead to a deficiency in B vitamins.
  • Older adults, who often lose the ability to absorb vitamin B through diet alone, might need to take an Active-B complex to stay healthy.
  • Those with certain medical conditions such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, alcoholism, celiac disease and more susceptible to developing nutrient deficiencies. The complex could be helpful to correct or avoid this.
  • B12 is found in animal products such as dairy, meat, eggs and seafood. For vegetarians and vegans, they risk developing a B12 deficiency. It’s a good idea to incorporate an Active-B complex in that case.

What benefits does it have?

While it’s necessary for some people to take an Active-B complex, it can’t hurt people who don’t have an increased risk of vitamin B deficiency. Taking the complex has benefits, in regards to the improvement of mental health, that could be very helpful:

  • It may help combat depression and anxiety. One study, of 60 adults struggling with depression, showed that treatment with an Active-B complex for two months led to a significant improvement in their mental health.
  • It may help reduce stress and boost mood, overall. In another study, it was shown that using an Active-B complex for 90 days reduced stress and mental fatigue.

Now that you know everything about the Active-B complex, there is only one thing to figure out: could it be the right supplement for you?

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.