Introducing Wellness Loud Media Podcast Network

  • By Rachel Perlmutter
  • Jun 27 website image

Announcing Wellness Loud Podcast Media Network


Wellness Loud Unveils New Health and Wellness Podcast and Media Network

Turn Up the Volume on Your Wellness Journey with a Fresh Take on Podcasting


We are excited to introduce you to Wellness Loud, a new podcast and media network, featuring a diverse lineup of top wellness experts to empower audiences to take charge of their health.

Wellness Loud is your one-stop shop for holistic well-being and trusted input on a range of health topics. Listeners will hear from esteemed doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, and other leaders in the wellness space.


Co-founded by Drake Peterson, seasoned media producer and creative visionary, and Gary Binkow, wellness entrepreneur, co-founder of Studio71, and CEO of The Swell Score, Wellness Loud aims to disrupt the podcasting world by producing high quality content that serves listeners and elevates their creators.


"Wellness Loud isn't just another voice in the crowd," says Gary Binkow, co-founder of Wellness Loud. "We're building a supportive community where everyone, from beginners to wellness warriors, can find the resources they need to thrive.”


The network features an impressive lineup of podcasts hosted by prominent wellness influencers and professionals, including, Heal Thy Self with Dr. Christian Gonzalez, Realfoodology with Courtney Swan, The Dr. Tyna Show with Dr. Tyna Moore, Digest This with Bethany Cameron, and more. Wellness Loud also produces independent podcasts such as the hit show The Pursuit of Wellness with Mari Llewellyn, and their roster of social media creators collectively boasts an amassed 5.5 million followers on Instagram alone.


"We believe in the power of storytelling infused with scientific research and trusted expertise,” said Drake Peterson, co-founder of Wellness Loud. “Our network unites industry forerunners and everyday individuals to share insights, challenges, and triumphs that enhance our listener's lives.”


Since its inception, the network has amassed nearly 10 million downloads, and anticipates additional growth with plans to introduce new podcasts and creators this year. Wellness Loud currently collaborates with leading brands in the wellness space, including Organifi, Puori, BiOptimizers, LMNT, and Paleo Valley, and is continuing to expand aligned brand partnerships to support its growing roster.

Listeners can access Wellness Loud podcasts across all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and directly on the Wellness Loud website at


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