New Show: How You Livin?

  • By Admin
  • May 26
New Show: How You Livin?

We are all excited to announce our brand new show available on YouTube from two of our founders, Dr. Christian Gonzalez (Dr. G) and Dr. Saman Faramarzi(Dr. Sam).  They are two Docs, great friends, and have a shared passion for wellness.

On the first show, they touch on some of the benefits of breathwork, psyllium husk (benefits and dangers), daily fitness and wellness rituals, our weekly giveaway and more.

how you livin show with Dr G and Dr Sam

Tune in every Wednesday for a new show and listen in on their own best practices, as well as  exciting interviews with emerging leaders in the wellness space, and for special giveaway announcements.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel and favorite the show playlist.

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