Quicksilver H2 Elite Antioxidant and Magnesium Supplement

  • By Rachel Perlmutter
  • May 26
Quicksilver Scientific H2 Elite

Quicksilver H2 Elite

Every day, your body encounters billions of free radicals. The damage caused to your skin and bodily systems by these harmful cells can be reduced with the existence of antioxidants in your diet and skincare routine. Antioxidants help to protect your good cells from free radical damage, and have even been shown to reduce some side effects.

Hydrogen is one of nature’s most basic and gentlest antioxidants, and therefore is a great supplemental solution for many people. Quicksilver H2 Elite boasts a magnesium formula that reacts with water to create hydrogen, enhancing a natural process to reduce oxidative stress. Some of its core ingredients include:

  • Magnesium malate – A compound created with magnesium and malic acid, known as a better absorbed and superior bioavailable form of magnesium. It is often supplemented to correct magnesium deficiency and help reduce chronic headaches. It is also a viable laxative.
  • Proprietary Hydrogen Matrix (Magnesium Dextrose, DL Malic Acid, Tartartic Acid, and Sodium Stearyl Fumarate)
    • Tartartic Acid – According to the National Library of Medicine, tartaric acid is found in an assortment of plants. When it reacts with sodium bicarbonate orally, it generates carbon dioxide. It balances out the DL Malic Acid in the concentration.
    • Sodium Stearyl Fumarate – Used to maintain the structural composition of the tablet.

H2 Elite generates about 10 ppm of molecular hydrogen in 500mL of water with each tablet – the highest concentration of hydrogen available in supplemental form that we’re aware of. This advanced formulation can deliver the free radical quenching power of molecular hydrogen to any non-carbonated beverage.

The good news? It’s super simple to get the health benefits of molecular hydrogen in your system. Just drop one tablet of Quicksilver H2 Elite in a 12-16 oz cup of pure water. Wait about two minutes for the tablet to dissolve. Stir if necessary, then enjoy immediately. For those of you suffering magnesium deficiencies in your diet, you can take this supplement up to three times per day.


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