Thorne Multi Vitamin Elite offers Advanced Wellness Support

  • By Meredith Schneider
  • May 26
Thorne Multi Vitamin Elite offers Advanced Wellness Support

Thorne Multi Vitamin Elite offers Advanced Wellness Support

Looking for the perfect multi-vitamin combination that will provide both morning and evening health benefits to match your unique circadian rhythm? Thorne has developed a two-vitamin regimen that boasts multiple health benefits in a simple, convenient capsule form.

The Thorne Multi Vitamin Elite provides vitamin K2 to support calcium metabolism. It also includes the active, tissue-ready form of vitamin B12. This is important, since B12 is responsible for keeping nerve and blood cells healthy. It also helps us to create DNA in all cells. Absorbing the correct amount of B12 from your food can actually help to balance energy levels throughout the day as well. The minerals used in the Multi Vitamin Elite formulation are chelated, which allow for optimal absorption.

Using this vitamin pair also adds Indena’s curcumin phytosome (Meriva®) to your diet. This helps to maintain the body’s normal inflammatory response in joints, muscles, and the gastrointestinal tract. Essentially, the duo acts as an immune system booster as well, which is very important right now especially. Some of the core ingredients of the Multi-Vitamin Elite A.M. formula include:

The Multi-Vitamin Elite P.M. formulation boasts almost the same compounds (minus the energy-promoting ones, like Green Tea Phytosome), with the addition of Relora®. a proprietary blend of plant extracts shown to curb late-night cravings, optimize cortisol and DHEA levels, aid in weight management, and support restful sleep.


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