Got Matcha - Premium Matcha Gift Bundle

Got Matcha - Premium Matcha Gift Bundle

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Premium Organic Black Label Ceremonial Matcha blends make the perfect wellness gift to yourself or someone you love.  A great way to sample Organic Black Label Ceremonial Matcha, MATCHAGA blend and RAW EARTH ELIXIR coffee alternative.  Black Label Matcha is the Rolls Royce of matcha with 50-100% more Theanine than others on the market today, making it one of the most potent and smoothest Matcha green teas ever! Add in healthy mushrooms for a Superfood treat to lift your energy, focus clarity and more!  Each tea package is 40 grams providing 4-5 servings each. BONUS - Includes a hand held frother to make smooth tea blends and lattes.

Give the gift of premium Matcha and good health with this gift bundle of the very finest Matcha Blends in the world.

What makes the Got Matcha brand the finest in the world? Location, soil and the generations of experience of our tea sommelier and farmers. Matcha is only as good as the soil it is grown in, and Got Matcha is grown on a small volcanic island in the south of Japan, rich in minerals and volcanic ash; producing a superior Matcha in both taste and L-Theanine content.       THIS GIFT BUNDLE INCLUDES:

Black Label Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Got Matcha Black Label Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha   Organic Ceremonial Grade BLACK LABEL Matcha that is harvested over a short window of 6-7 weeks. Farms in Japan, "cherry pick" the very best (eg: 1st week of harvest) and set it aside for the elite, at prices 2 to 3 times the normal going price for the organic ceremonial and only sold in Japan. Got Matcha feels very privileged to have the opportunity to purchase this emerald green tea, truly the finest we have ever seen. If you're adventurous, and want to try the finest Matcha in the world, then we highly recommend it.

Black Label matcha contains 50-100% more Theanine than most other matcha on the market today! Got Matcha Black Label Matcha is upwards of 4,000mg per serving. That is one reason why many people who have tried our matcha were so surprised that matcha can taste so sweet and provide the most uplifting experience, a solid proof of high Theanine content.

Black Label Matcha differs from regular ceremonial by the color and taste profiles which are very different... Truly the smoothest, most potent and delicious Matcha green tea you will ever try!

Matcha Benefits…

• Helps heighten concentration and supports increased mental clarity and focus

• 10x more potent in antioxidants and nutrients compared to traditional steeped green tea

• Helps reduce stress and anxiety • Provides sustained energy for 3 to 6 hours  

MATCHAGA Got Matcha Matchaga

MATCHAGA (MATCHA/CHAGA) has been designed with the most potent nutrient-dense matcha and Chaga mushroom in the world. Both of these incredible superfoods (Matcha and Chaga) are possibly the most powerful adaptogens on the planet and extremely high in antioxidants. While they are phenomenal individually, what happens when they come together is magical. Chaga mushroom has the unique ability to enhance the effectiveness and help activate the beneficial compounds in other superfoods. Matcha works better for the body when combined with Chaga… it’s a synergistic relationship! Benefits of MATCHAGA:

  • Helps boost immune system and regulate digestive issues
  • Relieves stress and provides incredible energy, focus and vitality
  • Promotes weight management
  • Helps balance hormones

Our Wild-Alaskan grown Chaga uses the most cutting-edge, quadruple extraction process delivering the highest quality CHAGA on the planet. Chaga has 215 compounds in it, 14 of them are completely unique to the mushroom and all of them benefit the human body in different ways. Each are like tools and the mushroom is the mechanic that uses them to help give your body its tune-up.

How to use…1 serving of MATCHAGA provides a full serving of Organic Black Label Matcha and Chaga mushroom. Enjoy ice blended with non-dairy milk and ice or whisked room temp with water. Experience this amazing blend daily for a few weeks and you will feel the difference!  

RAW EARTH ELIXIR Got Matcha Raw Earth

RAW EARTH ELIXIR - A Healthy Alternative to Coffee

Got Matcha's RAW EARTH ELIXIR is the ultimate superfood healing and energizing blend that can be added to milk and whisked or blended, serving as a perfect replacement to coffee.


Raw Cacao - Energizing and high in antioxidants and minerals

Medicinal Mushrooms (Chaga, Cordyceps and Lions Mane) - Antioxidant-rich, rich in nutrients, anti-inflammatory and supports gut health, brain health and energy.

Organic Ceremonial Black Label Matcha - Rich in L-Theanine which supports brain function, helps manage stress, increases clarity, boosts the immune system and is a great source of energy. Matcha's caffeine releases slowly, over 4-6 hours throughout the body, and stimulates the brain instead of the heart. The caffeine is alkaline instead of acidic (like in coffee and black tea).

Turmeric - Anti-inflammatory and boost immune system.

Organic Chai Herbs - Ayurvedic blend of medicinal herbs that support gut health and immune system.

Monk Fruit - Low glycemic fruit sweetener.

All ingredients are grown in nature, maximizing their nutrient profile and organic ingredients are all Certified Organic, Certified GF and Certified Vegan including the Wild Harvested Mushrooms.

The Chaga is sourced from the forests of Alaska from the Birch Tree, the way nature intended. Chaga is only as nutritious as tree and soil it grows from.  Additionally, the other medicinal mushrooms that we source are grown wild in Oregon, sustainably.

RAW EARTH ELIXIR includes over 1000MG of Chaga, 500MG of Lions Mane, and 500MG of Cordyceps per serving. Serving size is 10g or 1 Tbsp – perfect just as it is, or can be mixed with a plant-based milk and monk fruit for a healthy latte alternative


Frother This frother is made of food-grade stainless steel and premium materials. Features a built-in motor that produces a high speed with very little noise to quickly whisk milk for creamy foam. Also great for mixing Matcha into a smooth ready-to-drink tea or latte.

It is very easy to use and clean.  The frother is battery operated (batteries not included). No cables or plugs make it compact and portable. One press to start the whisk and another press to stop frothing. To clean up, just put the whisk in running water and turn it on for a few seconds.