Harth Home - Battery Powered Motion Night Light

Harth Home - Battery Powered Motion Night Light

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THE NEXT GENERATION IN LIGHTING The Sleep Mode Night Light has a photocell engineered to sense light/ dark conditions and automatically comes on when the light in the room is turned off. No more manual switches or dials.

Stick Anywhere - Battery Powered - Motion Activated. Great Night Light for Babies Rooms, Hallways and More.

  • STICK ANYWHERE, Stand it up, Stick it on, Set it down, light senses motion and darkness. Light will Remain on for 30 seconds after latest motion is detected. (3) AAA Batteries. The Sleep Mode Motion Light has been engineered to emit specific wavelengths which have been studied by NASA, to improve sleep and keep your body producing melatonin, naturally! Ditch the sleeping pills, and synthetic melatonin, your body knows how to create what you need for a restful sleep. Better sleep for a better you!
  • HACK YOUR CIRCADIAN CLOCK Your circadian clock (your sleep/wake cycle) has been tuned over thousands of years, to daily sunrise and sunset. With the SLEEP MODE light, keep your evenings optimized for sleep conditions with the low blue light output and a soothing amber glow. Low blue light can help prevent sleep disorders, cut out the blue light and give your system a chance to keep your sleep cycle on track, naturally! Our soothing amber glow simulates a sunset, keeping your body in sleep mode.
  • MOTION ACTIVATED Fight Fatigue with a Natural, restful sleep. Switch to an LED light specifically engineered to help you sleep better, and feel less fatigued during the day. Best to be used to light your children’s rooms, bathrooms, hallways, anywhere you may rise and travel during the night. Save money on sleep aids, and sleep therapy, by tapping into your biological clock.

Additional Information

Why Cut Out Blue Light?

Due to its short wavelength, blue light emits a high amount of energy. Blue light activates our eye differently and can even cause damage to the retina.

Evidence shows that the proliferation of digital devices with high levels of Blue Light has an effect on our Circadian Clocks.

Your circadian clock (your sleep/wake cycle) has been tuned over thousands of years to daily sunrise and sunset and when circadian rhythms are shifted, studies have shown adverse health effects follow, including diabetes, obesity, and sleep disorders.