Echo Go™ Hydrogen Water Bottle

Echo Go Water Bottle
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Echo Go Water Bottle
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Echo Go Water Bottle
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Echo Go™ Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Experience the power of hydrogen-enriched water with the Echo Go™ hydrogen water bottle – your perfect partner for a health-conscious lifestyle.

Note: ECHO charges a $10 shipping fee on this product.

Echo Hydrogen Water allows you to experience the complete benefits of antioxidants like elevated energy, sharpened focus, and reduced inflammation. 

This portable gem employs advanced technologies, including Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), ensuring an optimal hydrogen concentration that surpasses the therapeutic threshold.

Designed with your health and the environment in mind, this item uses only BPA-free, food-safe polycarbonate plastic, ensuring peace of mind and durability for daily use.

Choose between two easy-to-use cycles to suit your needs and enjoy the convenience of a 9.5-ounce bottle that works with various types of filtered water.

Embrace the Echo Go™ hydrogen water bottle – an investment in your wellness that’s light on your pocket and easy on the planet. Buy now and turn each sip into a step towards a healthier you!


What Makes It So Special:

The Echo Go™ uses safe, high-quality, platinum-coated titanium electrode plates to produce hydrogen-enriched water. The Echo Go™ produces above the therapeutic level of 0.5 ppm of molecular hydrogen, providing 0.8 ppm of molecular hydrogen in a 3-minute cycle and up to 3.0 ppm in a 10-minute cycle. This makes it one of the best and most affordable hydrogen water bottles available.

Safe For You And The Planet

The Echo Go™ is made out of food grade polycarbonate plastic, a truly BPA- and all bisphenol-free product. It is also much lighter than glass and impact-resistant, making it easier for you to handle without the fear of it breaking or cracking.


What's Included:

  • Portable H2 Water Bottle
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • 9.5 oz BPA Free Bottle
  • Self Cleaning Mode
  • 5 Year Warranty

Product Specs:

  • PPM: 0.8 - 3.0 ppm
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Hydrogen Cycle Time: 3 or 10 min.
  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 2.75 x 8.5 in