Got Matcha - MATCHAGA Matcha Chaga Blend

Got Matcha - MATCHAGA Matcha Chaga Blend

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Give yourself or someone you love the healing powers of MATCHAGA, a blend of Premium Organic Black Label Ceremonial Matcha and medicinal Chaga that enhances health, energy, and focus and so much more! 120 gram bag for 15 servings.

Experience a blend of two Superfoods that together make magic! Matcha and Chaga medicinal mushrooms deliver healing antioxidants and natural energy in a delicious daily beverage!

  Got Matcha Matchaga

MATCHAGA (MATCHA/CHAGA) has been designed with the most potent nutrient-dense matcha and Chaga mushroom in the world. Both of these incredible superfoods (Matcha and Chaga) are possibly the most powerful adaptogens on the planet and extremely high in antioxidants. While they are phenomenal individually, what happens when they come together is magical. Chaga mushroom has the unique ability to enhance the effectiveness and help activate the beneficial compounds in other superfoods. Matcha works better for the body when combined with Chaga… it’s a synergistic relationship!

Benefits of MATCHAGA:

  • Helps boost immune system and regulate digestive issues
  • Relieves stress and provides incredible energy, focus and vitality
  • Promotes weight management
  • Helps balance hormones

Our Wild-Alaskan grown Chaga uses the most cutting-edge, quadruple extraction process delivering the highest quality CHAGA on the planet. Chaga has 215 compounds in it, 14 of them are completely unique to the mushroom and all of them benefit the human body in different ways. Each are like tools and the mushroom is the mechanic that uses them to help give your body its tune-up.

How to use…1 serving of MATCHAGA provides a full serving of Organic Black Label Matcha and Chaga mushroom. Enjoy ice blended with non-dairy milk and ice or whisked room temp with water. Experience this amazing blend daily for a few weeks and you will feel the difference!