Root & Splendor Plant-Based Laundry Concentrate

Plant Based Laundry Concentrate Free Clear - Root and Splendor
Root and Splendor Plant Based Laundry Concentrate Hush Blend
Root and Splendor Plant Based Laundry Concentrate Swell Blend

Root & Splendor Plant-Based Laundry Concentrate


Variants: Hush Blend - 50 fl oz

Hush Blend - 50 fl oz
Swell Blend - 50 fl oz
Free and Clear - 50 fl oz
Hush Blend 2 fl oz
Swell Blend 2 fl oz
Free & Clear 2 fl oz
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Elevate your laundry routine with Root and Splendor's 100% plant-based Laundry Concentrate.

These bioactive laundry essentials ensure a deep clean that is powerfully effective at removing odors and stains. Infused with vibrant botanicals and the pure, natural essence of essential oils, our laundry soap not only cleans but also leaves your laundry smelling amazing. Experience a revolutionary approach to laundry that prioritizes outstanding effectiveness and a commitment to protecting your health and our planet.

Formulated by a Mom and Experts

Developed by a mom of four boys in collaboration with chemists and scientists, Root and Splendor products are designed to be powerfully effective, plant-based, and toxin-free. This laundry concentrate is the result of a quest for a safe and efficient solution for her own family.


Sustainable Packaging

Root and Splendor's commitment extends to our packaging, featuring a sustainable bag-in-box design. This design contributes to an 800% reduction in pollution throughout the full life cycle of the package compared to common plastic jugs used by other detergents.  1.5 L.  100 loads.


Eco-friendly and Biodegradable

Transparent about our ingredients, our formulas are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are safe for sewer, septic, and greywater systems. Our concentrate not only deep-cleans but also softens, whitens, and brightens fabrics. It's hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.


Concentrated Formula

While other brands may contain up to 90% water in their laundry soap, we have removed all water. With our concentrated formula, only 1 tablespoon is needed to achieve premium, lab-tested, and award-winning results.


Cruelty-Free and Harmful-Ingredient-Free

Root and Splendor products are cruelty-free and formulated without harmful ingredients. We prioritize delivering effective results without compromising on our values.


Vegetable Glycerin, Coco Glucoside, Potassium Cocoate, Enzymes (Protease, Pectate Lyase, Mannanase, Cellulase, Alpha Amylase), Pure and Natural Essential Oils (see below).


Additional Recommendations

Enhance your laundry experience further by adding a Bamboo Measuring Cup to your order for the perfect laundry load. For optimal stain-fighting results, consider our Laundry Pre-Spotter stain remover.

Enjoy the excellence of Root and Splendor as you transform your laundry into a much-improved and delightful experience!


Vegetable glycerin, coco glucoside, potassium cocoate, enzymes (protease, pectate lyase, mannanase, cellulase, alpha amylase), pure and natural essential oils (see below).