Relaxing Lavender Bunny Sachet

Relaxing Lavender Bunny Sachet


Bunny selection: Sleepy Time with Amos

Sleepy Time with Amos
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Handmade, this adorable bunny is filled with the aromatherapy benefits of organic lavender to help when you need a little bit of relaxation and grounding.

We LOVE supporting local, female-owned, small business owners and are proud to bring June Bloom Lavender to you here at The Swell!

About June Bloom...

June Bloom Lavender offers products to nurture body, mind, and self-care. Products are made in small batches and use simple, organic ingredients and all are infused with Grosso lavender harvested on the Central Coast of California. Each product offers relaxation and aromatherapy.

Handmade, this bunny was designed for children who have anxiety or are helped by just a little bit of calm and grounding. They can nap with it and carry it in their backpack. Although originally made with children in mind, adults love them too!

Everyone loves this June Bloom bunny sachet! It is made with minky fabric (like a baby's blanket) as soft as a real bunny, filled with flaxseed and aromatic lavender...

  • Irresistibly soft minky fabric that feels fantastic on the skin.
  • Filled with flaxseed instead of rice! Rice is pointy and offers no benefit. Flaxseed is soft and smooth and curves with the contours of wherever you lay it and it's anti-inflammatory so it helps with puffiness and congestion.
  • Filled with the most amazing smelling lavender you will ever experience.